Improving General Wellness

Bumps and knocks are a part of daily living. However, more serious injuries sustained in accidents or while playing sport, result in damaged tissue. Swollen joints and severe bruising can put paid to our enjoyment of life. Poor circulation can also result in unhealthy tissue prone to breakdown and disease. It’s therefore important to improve circulation in order the speed tissue healing and regeneration by providing the nutrition and oxygen needed for cell regeneration. PEMF’s help to dilate blood vessels, improving the amount of blood flowing through the vessels, speeding this natural recovery process. PEMF’s are especially beneficial pre-and post surgery.

Poor  or failing health is contributed to by progressive reductions in many hormones, loss of muscle mass, reductions in the GI tract neurons, stomach acid production and much more. With age, there are  also physiological and structural alterations in almost all organ systems. Cellular ageing is therefore the progressive accumulation over the years of chronic sub-lethal cell injury that may or may not lead to cell death but does lead to a diminished capacity of the cell to respond to injury.

PEMF Therapy

General Wellness and PEMFT:
PEMFT can be used to improve body function and reduce the effects of cell injury. Low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF’s), penetrate through the entire body affecting every cell in their path. PEMF’s  pass uninhibited through the body, inducing charge in cells and tissues, affecting biochemical and physiologic processes, reducing cell injury, and therefore improving general wellness.

PEMFs improve various physiological processes including…..

  • production of nitric oxide,
  • reducing pain and inflammation,
  • improving circulation,
  • enhancing cellular membrane function and metabolism, communication and replication and growth and repair.
  • PEMFs improve biochemical activity at the cellular level and allow nutrients and other life extending chemistry in the body to migrate more freely to be more functionally useful.

PEMFs should be part of a comprehensive program to reduce suffering and enhance wellness and longevity.

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