​​​​What Am I Buying?

This is our online shop, but first of all we know you will be asking 'What am I buying?' and What am I getting for my money?' This page provides the answers, as well as explaining 'How to Buy your Oska Pulse' at our discount price.

You wear it - you don't swallow it

You wear it - you don't swallow it!
  1. The 'Oska Pulse', drug free, wearable technology.
  2. A chance to become pain free or at least in a better situation than you are right now.
  3. A money back guarantee! You have at least 30 days and possibly more to assess the benefit of your investment.
  4. 12 months warranty on Oska Pulse. You can extend a further 12 months on-line free of charge.
  5. No on-going expenses! A one time investment with no further costs.
  6. Free and ongoing customer support via phone or e-mail.
  7. Automatic enrolment to our regular 'Customer Support News Letter'.
​​​​​​​​Oska Pulse comes with:
  • Oska Pulse x 1
  • Large compression wrap x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • User Manual and full customer support.

See 'How To Buy Your Oska Pulse' below

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How Much Will I Pay For My Oska Pulse? (My Investment)

Experience Oska Pulse for yourself

The Oska Pulse is manufactured and sold in the USA by Oska Wellness Inc, so all prices are in US dollars. Currently Oska Pulse is $399.00 less our discount of $55.00. We have to add shipping of $29.99 from the USA to Australia. There is no extra charge for postage within Australia. Total price in US dollars is $373.99.

Example: At today's exchange rate (1st June 2018) the average rate was 0.719 cents to the US dollar. On that rate, your cost in Ozzie dollars would be $520.15.

See 'How To Buy Your Oska Pulse' below

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How To Buy Oska Pulse

The easiest way to buy Oska Pulse is to call us on 1300 764 117, or if you prefer (08)9306 1200. That way we can provide you with our discount price and have Oska on its way to you by the next day’s post.

If you prefer to buy on-line, then your will need to use the Discount Code MYOSKA2 and follow these instructions.........

  1. When you've read these instructions click the Buy 'Oska Pulse' Now button (above or below). You will be directed to OskaWellness.com on a new page.
  2. Click the Buy Now tab at the top of the page.
  3. Then click Add To Cart. (You will see the option to add extra compression wraps or increase the quantities)
  4. Next, click the blue Checkout button
  5. If the discount MYOSKA2 has not shown and no discount applied, add MYOSKA2 to the discount tab.
  6. Fill in the required information and click 'Continue to shipping method'
  7. Choose the Standard USPS $29.99 option only.
  8. You now have the opportunity to change the delivery address; if all OK then...
  9. Your credit card details are needed next, then hit the Payment button.

That's it....all done. A thank you note will be displayed and a receipt will be emailed to you.
If your order is received before noon on a business day, it will be mailed the same day.
If after noon or on a weekend or public holiday it will be mailed the next business day.

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