PEMFT - the Science and Oska Pulse

PEMFT is an acronym for
Pulsed Electro Magnet Field Therapy.

PEMFT has been used almost world wide for over 60 years without adverse effect. A diverse portfolio of clinical trials, clinical research and medical studies can be accessed via this linkproviding general information and highlighting  the benefits of this science. 

PEMFs kick start the body's own natural healing processes
by setting up the correct environment for optimal healing.

Muscular skeletal and soft tissue injuries is a fact of life in all ages. With about 70 trillion cells in an adult body, cell injury is common and repair is on-going with millions of cells in the process of regeneration on a daily basis.  When applied, pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) operate at the individual cell level to help repair cell injury, especially when used early in the injury process. The earlier it is applied the quicker the desired response.

healthy and unhealthy cells
PEMF Therapy works to....

How PEMF Therapy works.

Specific channels through the cellular membrane respond and open when the voltage across the membrane changes according to physical activity. This allows the exchange of fluids containing ions that drive the regeneration processes. Inflammation, due to injury or degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis, inhibit these electrical signals, slowing down the body’s natural healing processes.

In order to overcome this  impediment to the body's healing process, Oska Pulse generates specially configured wave forms in a sequential treatment program, assisting and thus speeding the body's natural healing. This advanced technology is endorsed by pain specialists and recommended by doctors as an alternative to opiates and analgesics.

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