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Medic Technology - since 2006.

With the long term use of pain killer medication now shown to have many side effects as well as the cause of liver and kidney damage, we (Michael and Shirley Hawker) established the Australian company ‘Medic Technology’ in 2006 to market an alternative to pain killer medication. With my experience as an electronics technician and Shirley’s in nursing, it became obvious that the product we were marketing could be vastly improved. In 2011, we took over the company and with advice from our granddaughter, who has two degrees in bio-medical science, we developed the ‘Oska Pulse’, a drug free, non-invasive medical device designed to relieve pain, muscle stiffness and inflammation as well as speeding recovery from injury or surgery.

About us, Michael and Shirley

USA Manufactured:
Oska Pulse is now being manufactured in the USA and marketed by a San Diego based company trading as ‘Oska Wellness Inc.’

Our ultimate aim is to improve peoples lifestyle, well-being and mobility providing you with a friendly, professional and reliable service both on and off-line.

If you need more information about our products, other than that which is available on this website, then please send us an e-mail or you can use the form provided. See the contact us page. We are more than happy to provide technical information or expert advice.