4 out of 5 people in Australia suffer back pain!  Are you one of them?
Is joint pain (back, shoulder, knee, hip) spoiling your enjoyment of  life?
Are you still having to take pain medication after many months?

Imagine your life with less pain!

Back pain - or joint pain?

Oska Pulse was created with you in mind

Do you identify with any of these?
  • I suffer from back pain!
  • I suffer pain from osteoarthritis!
  • Stiff and painful joints limit my enjoyment of life!
  • I have a sporting injury and need to speed recovery!
  • Taking pills is not something I like doing!
  • I've been on pain killer medication for many months!
  • It's costing a small fortune!
  • I know I need to find an alternative to swallowing pills!

If you can, then Oska Pulse could be your best friend!

The problem with long-term nagging joint pain is that it not only spoils your own enjoyment of life but sometimes that of those around you. Family, friends and workmates may also suffer from the fact that you can no longer participate in the physical activities you once enjoyed and shared with them. Maybe you've become rather irritable or even....dare I say it.....socially inept!

Short term pain we can usually deal with. Pop a few painkiller pills and within a few days we're over it and back to normal. Constant nagging joint pain that we put up with for months on end, day after day, is quite debilitating. So what can we do? Pain killer medication only masks pain and does not get to the cause. Any doctor will tell you that long term use of pain killer medication can become quite harmful, especially to liver and kidneys but what options do we have?

  • Surgery: Not always an option but always a risk.
  • Physical therapy: Can be quite effective but depends on the cause of your pain and of course, there is an ongoing expense.
  • Stop taking pills and hope the pain goes away: Maybe not the option you really want to take!
  • Try the Oska Pulse: "What is an Oska Pulse?" I hear you say.

So lets talk about joint pain and Oska Pulse.
Oska Pulse is a wearable technology. No it's not a TENS device that simply masks pain. Oska Pulse is about the size of a bar of soap, can be worn over clothing and placed somewhere close to the source of pain. It is completely portable, comfortable to wear and does not interfere with normal daily activities. Apart from its 97% success rate, one of the best features is that there are no ongoing costs; once you have bought it, there is 
nothing more to pay.

Take a look at this very short video, it shows how Oska Pulse works.  

Australian Invention - USA Manufactured

relief from joint pain
Med Tech Award

June 6, 2018 – Oska Pulse has been selected for the “Best New Technology Solution – Pain Managementaward from MedTech Breakthrough, an independent organisation that recognises the top companies, technologies, and products in the global health and medical technology market.  

This is the second straight MedTech Breakthrough win for Oska Pulse, which was also selected in 2017 for Best IoT Healthcare Wearable Device.” This year’s program attracted more than 3,000 nominations from more than 10 countries.

Oska Pulse is registered with the FDA in the USA as a Class 1 medical device. It's designed to deal with a range of musculoskeletal problems including osteoarthritis. Oska Pulse has no leads or pads to attach and is therefor entirely portable, comfortable and extremely easy to use.

It mimics the body's own recovery processes to relieve pain, muscle stiffness and inflammation by using non-invasive optimised electromagnetic energy fields. These energy fields encourage recovery at the cellular level, as a result you can get back to enjoying life once again.

Oska Pulse is a drug free, non-invasive, medical device,  ideal for muscle and soft tissue recovery. Furthermore it is  Clinically Proven

An amazing success rate, with nothing to lose but your pain.
Why not take this opportunity to make life more enjoyable?
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treating back pain


Randy Alvarez talks to Greg Houlgate and Dr Mark Wiederhold 
about 'Oska Pulse' and Double Blind Trials

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