Oska Pulse is not a 'TENS' Device. So what is 'TENS' ?

'TENS' is an acronym for Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation.

The unit is connected to the skin using two electrodes through which a low voltage, non invasive, electric current is passed across the skin. This low-risk nerve stimulation signal is intended to reduce pain, both acute and chronic by interfering with the pain signals to the brain.

There is certainly a place for TENS particularly where instant relief is sought. However, it must be understood that this machine is designed for temporary relief only and not for deep seated cell regeneration.

Uncomfortable sticky pads

Uncomfortable sticky pads

Why Use Oska Pulse?
No restrictions - non-invasive

Comfortable, can be worn over clothing

Oska Pulse uses eTec™ signal therapy—four frequencies of optimised PEMF designed to address the major joints most susceptible to injury or degenerative issues. It’s ideal for everyday aches and pains, as well as persistent issues Including: 

Back pa​in

• Muscle ache
• Shooting or stabbing Pain
• Pain radiating down the leg
• Limited flexibility 

Knee pain

• Pain
• Inflammation
• Swelling
• Joint stiffness

Muscle and joint pain

• Pain
• Persistent aches
• Inflammation and Swelling
• Limited range of motion

No wires, no sticky pads, no uncomfortable tingling and extremely portable

Oska vs TENS
How to Buy Oska Pulse

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